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Posted by Schevus on December 2, 2008

When I was first becoming interested in getting involved in my community, it seemed very daunting to go out and talk to a lot of people I did not know to try to find opportunities. As a result, I tried to see what I might be able to do over the internet. Today I’m going to detail several very different online resources.

Free Rice:

Free Rice is a site that donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program for every multiple choice question that you answer correctly. The site pays for the rice with the revenue it gets from advertisements on the site. There are various categories of questions including word definitions, country recognition, national capitals, and math. Free Rice has to be the easiest possible way to make an impact with nothing more than a little time, some thinking, and an internet connection.

Good Search:

Good Search is a web search tool powered by Yahoo! that will donate ~$.01 per search to the charity of your choice. Your charity must be submitted and accepted by Good Search to be eligible. The money is disbursed yearly in December, but an organization must have accumulated at least $20 to get a check that year. If you do not select a charity, proceeds from your searches will go toward the operating costs of the site. If you REALLY cannot think of anything, I recommend Metro Homeless Center – Shalom House.

In addition to their search tool, Good Search also offers Good Shop. Through Good Shop you can shop online from various stores and your designated charity will receive a donation of a certain percentage of the purchase, depending on the store you shop through.


Changents is an interesting and relatively new site where you can list yourself as a changent – or change agent. After doing so you can assign roles for your cause that other members on the site can fill in support of you. Some roles are Buzz Builders, who are responsible for spreading the word; Angels, who assist with gathering donations; and First Responders, who are on call in case of urgent needs.

Changents also has a unique tracking tool called your “ripple.” This tracks people you have invited to the site, and all of the people they have invited, to visually show your impact. The site appears to have a relatively small member pool, but I love the idea and it does seem to be picking up.

Global Giving:

If you are looking to make a direct donation, but are not sure what cause you would like to give to, check out Global Giving. On the site you can browse dozens of cause listings by category and make a donation in support of any cause you find to your liking. In the spirit of the holidays, you can also purchase a gift card – with free shipping till Dec 31st – as a gift for the socially conscious friend in your life (everyone has at least one!).

Hopefully with such diverse – and EASY – options, you will find some way to make a difference. If you are interested in more online resources (or more gift ideas), check out my Holiday Gift Ideas post.


2 Responses to “Online Charity Resources”

  1. moneymatekate said

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I totally forgot to mention Free Rice – I stumbled across it yesterday, and have so far racked up 8000 grains…what can I say, I speak a little bit of a bunch of languages, so I’m working my way through those for kicks.

    Best of luck making St. Louis a better place!

  2. Schevus said


    Thanks for returning the favor! Free Rice really is great. Occasionally I will mindlessly click through the multiplication table. You would be surprised how quickly the grains add up that way. I completely forgot to mention the language sections.

    I do what I can. Thanks again!

    – Schev

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