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How do you really know who to help?

Posted by Schevus on December 11, 2008

As I was writing my last post on this topic, I realized something that is critical when helping others is concerned. You have to care enough to find out what help people need. Our society seems to frown upon “prying” or “meddling” in other people’s affairs. It is not polite to “impose” yourself on people’s troubles. If we all follow this mentality, the only people that will get help are those who are so desperate that they have no choice but to ask for it.

Certainly you should use some tact when approaching the situation, but it is usually pretty easy to tell if someone is having a hard time. I think that another trait of society is to look the other way when a minor sign of hardship is witnessed. Surely it is not as bad as it seems, and if it is someone else must be helping them right? Surely no one suffers unnoticed and unassisted in this day and age. If no questions are asked, no responsibility is taken.

Wrong! We must take responsibility for each other. The breakdown of compassion for our fellow man is what is leading us down the path of destruction. If we all cared enough to not only ask how someone is doing, but to be willing to help if things are not going well, imagine how much better the world would be. No one wants to ask for help, and most people are even reluctant to accept it when offered, so as I said some tact must obviously be used. It is inexcusable to allow someone’s pride to prevent you from helping them when you know they really need it.

So how do you really know who to help? You ask. But, not only do you ask, you have to care what the answer is.


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