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1 Comment = $1

Posted by Schevus on December 14, 2008

I have stumbled upon the post of a very generous woman who is offering to donate $1 for every comment she receives on her post to the Second Harvest Food Bank up to $500. There are also opportunities to win a Starbucks gift card for commenting. Take a few seconds and stop over to leave a comment and do some good!

Also, please take a moment to share your best story about helping someone or being helped by someone. The person who shares the best story will receive a $25 Kiva gift card!


2 Responses to “1 Comment = $1”

  1. Maura said

    Thanks so much for coming by and now spreading the word about my donation drive. I really appreciate it.

    I am also a Kiva fan so I’ll be thinking about a story to come back and share.

  2. Schevus said


    You’re welcome! I’m always happy to spread the word about a good cause, especially when it takes so little effort to support it. I look forward to your story. =) Thanks for reading.

    – Schev

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