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Small Green Changes

Posted by Schevus on January 13, 2009

I am far from being a “green” fanatic or anything like that. I do not have grass growing on my roof and I do not limit my showers to a minute and half. That said, I have recently made some small changes to try to limit my negative impact on the world itself.

My changes happened when I resolved to use only one paper towel to dry my hands at work instead of two. We have automatic dispensers, so it does not give you a very large sheet, but if you are conscious about how you dry your hands one will do the job. I would say 90% of the people I see use two. This is most certainly a small change, but the paper saved is adding up daily.

This got me thinking about the economic repercussions of using fewer paper towels. If I use less, that is less that my company / the custodial company has to buy which saves them money. However, that means that the company that produces / sells the paper towels is losing money. If everyone dropped from two towels to one, that would be a significant economic impact on that company. I have no real point here, just thought it was interesting to trace the impact of even small actions.

Apart from my musings, I have also started sorting cans and plastic bottles to be recycled. I have a bag of each collected so far and need to make the trip to drop them off. I drink a fair bit of soda, and also a lot of bottled water (sorry greenies, I prefer the taste – at least I am recycling now?), so this is a moderate change I would say. I am thinking about also sorting glass. Maybe I will do that when we are in our new house.

Finally, I have made the switch to compact florescent light bulbs (not completely, but I have taken the plunge). I have thought about this for some time, but I really do not like the light that they put out. I am suffering through with less light rather than adding more or brighter bulbs for now.

Will these changes make a huge impact on a large scale? No, but hopefully they are adding to the larger pool. Have you made any green changes?


2 Responses to “Small Green Changes”

  1. Mary Ann Lopez said

    I think the changes you’ve made will have an impact. I did the same thing last year. I started to recycle more and more stuff. And, I give away things i don’t use to Goodwill. I also compost. If everyone did just a little bit, boy the positive results it could have. And, about jobs being affected by reduced use; maybe it’s just time for jobs that are more 21st century and products that are too. There will still be conspicuous consumption, but maybe more stuff could be made “greener.” Just a few thoughts! Good job making the changes!

  2. Schevus said


    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your efforts. I agree that many areas need to be brought up to 21st century standards, but that is likely to be a painful process. Business paradigms rarely transition smoothly.

    – Schev

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