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New Addition

Posted by Schevus on January 24, 2009

Since my wife has been back from her deployment we have added a new addition to the family. We adopted a 2 1/2 year old Brittany Spaniel mix from the Belleville Area Humane Society on Wednesday. He has been dubbed Scout. Here are some pictures of him when we were visiting at the Humane Society.

Scout and Eva

My wife Eva and Scout

Kaylee, Eva, and Scout

Kaylee (our Cocker Spaniel), Eva, and Scout

Eva and Scout


Unfortunately Scout has some intestinal worms so his body weight is really low. When we found him at the shelter he had only been there a couple of days and was very nervous and shaky. He was not keeping food down, and the workers there had to tinker with food combinations that he could tolerate. Right now he is eating a mix of Alpo canned chicken dog food and Moist and Meaty dog food. He is on medication and should make a full recovery in his new home.

In addition to picking Scout up, we also donated about $130 of supplies to the Humane Society. We donated dog treats and raw hides, cat treats, cat toys, kongs with peanut butter, and cleaning supplies. In addition we discovered that they accept aluminum cans so they can profit from recycling them. This works well with my new recycling scheme. Unfortunately the Society does not have a wish list on their website, but if you are interested you can let me know or contact them.

The realization of just how hard animal shelters are faring became quite real during the time we spent there. I overheard many phone calls of people looking to drop off pets only to be denied because of lack of space. If you are thinking about a new pet, please consider adopting. Also, if you are looking to get involved, shelters are always happy to have volunteers. You can find information about volunteering at BAHS here.


One Response to “New Addition”

  1. You gave them peanut butter? You just wanted to poison helpless animals!

    Just kidding. I like Scout. He seemed friendly enough when I met him.

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