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Posted by Schevus on January 28, 2009

I was awoken early today by a frantic call from my sister-in-law. She was coming home from work and her little Dodge Neon was stuck in the snow trying to get into our back alley. I live in southern Illinois and we currently have about 8″+ of snow. We don’t get much snow normally, so 8″ in two days is a lot. On top of that the city does not plow or treat the side streets or alleys, so it is literally like off-roading to navigate them.

So, I donned my warmest winter garb and trudged down the alley to help dislodge her. The main issue was that she could not make it into our alley to park and the side of the street out front was packed with plowed snow. When I made it to her car another guy had stopped and he helped me push her car to turn her around. I was very grateful to have the help. As my sister-in-law made her way back up to the front street I waited to make sure my helper could get his own car out to the main street without assistance.

When I got out front she had tried to force her way into the plowed snow and was stuck again. I managed to push her out of that and we cleared enough snow to be able to get her parked. As this massive winter storm rolls across the country I just want to issue a reminder to look out for those around you. If someone is stuck and needs help, consider helping them. I am sure they will be very grateful, and you could save them the exorbitant cost of a tow truck coming out. Thank you anonymous stranger!


2 Responses to “Lend A Hand”

  1. Peter Park said

    Two Thanksgivings ago our car tire blew out and we were in trouble. My wife and I didn’t know how to change a tire. A gentleman saw us on the other side of the highway and drove around to help us. We made it to our Thanksgiving in time.

  2. Schevus said

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing that Peter. I have had kind people help me several times on the side of the road, usually in abysmal weather conditions!

    – Schev

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