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First Response Team Of America

Posted by Schevus on December 28, 2008

The First Response Team is a remarkable group of people who specialize in disaster recovery. They selflessly travel across the country to disaster sites to provide their specialized services. The team responds to hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice storms, floods, etc.


The First Response Team has unique equipment that allows them to tackle disasters. They have specially made grapple trucks that can clear debris and carry up to 155,000 pounds. Caterpillar loaders are also used to help in clearing debris. Support trucks provide extra tools and parts for on site equipment repair.


The team also provides generators and water pumps – equipment that is often in short supply in severe emergencies. Each response cell also provides advanced satellite communication technology – phones, laptops, radios – to allow disaster sites to remain in contact with the outside world.


In order to navigate through difficult terrain, the team has off road scout vehicles and hovercraft that allow them to get to hard to reach areas.

First Response Team Founder and President, Tad Agoglia was nominated as one of CNN’s Heroes of the Year. Here is a little about Tad from the FRT website:

Tad has worked with government officials and community leaders at Incident Command centers all across the country. Tad is able to expedite the stabilization of communities under states of emergency due to his expert ability to quickly assess widespread damage in order to construct logistical responses that put community resources to their best and most efficient use. He is often invited to lead disaster-zone response initiatives and is able to bridge communication between departments and independent entities that have no established protocol to effective collaboration.

The First Response Team is a shining example of dedication to helping others. Take a look at their website and consider supporting this worthy cause.


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