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Modest Needs

Posted by Schevus on December 21, 2008

Today I want to highlight an interesting online charity that I found at this post. The post itself has an excellent message, so I encourage you to take a few moments to read it. The organization is called Modest Needs.

Modest Needs provides a framework for micro-grants to be funded online. Every dollar that is donated as part of a one time donation equates to one “point.” If you sign up for recurring donations, they have a matching offer that makes each dollar worth two points.

The micro-grants serve to alleviate unexpected or short term emergency expenses such as car trouble, utility / mortgage bills, medical bills, etc. Individuals can sign up for assistance or can be recommended by participating non-profits or social workers. Each request is represented by a number of points needed and once all of the points have been funded the money is disbursed. The organization makes a significant effort to verify the legitimacy of  applications.

This organization is a very good example of people helping people. Ideally the friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. of those in need would help with expenses and this organization would not need to exist, but sadly that is not the case. For those of you looking for ways to donate, check out Modest Needs. For those of you that might be struggling, you may want to check it out as well.


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